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The Oak Club

The Oak Club

New members are an integral part of the club, and The Oak Club takes recruiting seriously.  To inform potential new members about our process, questions and answers are below.

How does The Oak Club recruit new members?

The Oak Club recruits a new class of members in a series of spring rush events each year.  These events are invitational; the purpose of this system is to make the events more personal for those involved.  Traditionally, invitees are mostly freshmen or sophomores, but some juniors are also invited to attend.

What does The Oak Club look for in prospective members?

Oak Club members are a diverse and dynamic group of young men. Consequently, Oak members look for these qualities in prospective Brothers during the rush events.  Prospective members who are intelligent, humble, and genuine will stand out.  The Oak also seeks out new members who are willing to commit the time and energy that membership in the Club demands.

I am interested in joining The Oak Club, but I did not receive an invitation to the events. What do I do?

We firmly believe that our recruiting process is the most effective way for us to meet and get to know a small group of prospective members.  At the same time, we recognize that there may be many Harvard students fit for membership who never receive an invitation.  Prospective members requesting more information should send an email to

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