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The Oak Club

The Oak Club


Members of the Oak Club are leaders both at Harvard and in their communities.  As Brothers, these leadership skills can be further honed by working with one another to coordinate and manage events, or by guiding the Club in some capacity on its Executive Board.  This shared leadership experience allows members to learn and grow in a friendly and cooperative environment.  By encouraging this kind of situational leadership, the Oak Club ensures continued contributions to communities and organizations for years to come.


The Oak Club aims to provide Brothers with the chance to form meaningful and enduring relationships.  In pursuit of this goal, the Club firmly requests humility of its members.  This humility is required to offset natural tendencies toward hubris, prejudice, etc. and only when one approaches the Club humbly can he truly take advantage of all it has to offer.  This allows members to forge friendships and learn from one another in a genuine manner, and every member of the Oak Club can feel comfortable being his true self.  This humility is fostered through community service performed by the Club, as well as demonstrated in the daily lives of its Brothers.


The Oak Club thrives and will continue to do so because its members are committed to the future of the Club.  While many at Harvard are role models and future leaders, not all are willing to sacrifice their time for a common cause.  Oak Brothers are selflessly committed to running the Club efficiently on a daily basis, while also remaining committed to keeping the Club's mission close to their hearts.  Commitment to one another is also extremely important for the longevity of relationships; members are assured mutual trust that lasts a lifetime.


Character is one of the Oak Club's cornerstones.  Brothers are deeply involved in their communities, and the Oak Club trusts its members always to use their influence responsibly.  By seeking out young men with strong morals and the confidence to express their intellectual views, the Club reinforces itself with new members who will further the Club’s goals of pursuing excellence and cultivating brotherhood.  Undergraduate and alumni members of the Oak Club can and do take pride in belonging to a group of true gentlemen.

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The Oak Club
157 Mather Mail Center
10 Cowperthwaite Street
Cambridge, MA 02138